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Lord Venkateswara
Lord Venkateswara, popularly known as Balaji, is the presiding deity of the Tirumala Hills, in AndhraPradesh, India. He is one of the manifestations of Lord Vishnu. He revealed Himself and settled at that place in deference to the prayers of Sage Narayana, who did rigorous penance. The sage requested Lord Vishnu to settle there showering his eternal grace on the human folk, who were very much depressed and who were unable to follow the rigorous yoga practices to realize the God.

  • Vaikunta Ekadasi
  • Saturdays
  • Garuda
  • Laadu
  • Vada Adai
  • Tamarind rice
  • Curd/Yogurt rice

Tirumala, the seat of Balaji is surrounded by seven hills. Because of this, He is also named Lord of the seven hills. It is perhaps His wish, that He took abode in this place which is also surrounded by several hills to bless the occupants of this part of the world.

Balaji has four hands. In the upper right hand, he holds the Chakra (wheel), representing the wheel of time. In the upper left, he has a Sankha (conch), which resembles (OM) signifying the Vedas. The right lower hand is directed towards his feet, an indication to the devotees to surrender to him in all their difficulties. The lower left hand rests on the left thigh, telling the devotees that the ocean of births and deaths is only knee deep and he would take care of those who totally surrender to him with intense faith and redeem their sins.