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Gopal Bhattar Sri Gopal Bhattar was born in 1967 in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. He passed panchrathra Aagamasastra Examination in 1988 and joined HTA in July 1991. As a senior priest, his commitment to authentic religious practices and creativity in decorating our main diety “Balaji” he has earned the respect and admiration from the community. He speaks fluent Telugu, Kannada and Tamil Languages. He is married Hema Malini and blessed with a son.
Srinivasa Sarma Adarasupally  Sri Srinivasa Sharma was born in 1973 in Medak district in Andhra Pradesh. He completed “Krishna Yajurvedam and Apastambiya Smartha Prayogam” course during 1986-96 and awarded with “Veda Pundit Certificate”. Before joining our temple in 2001, he worked as Veda Pundit at Kanchi Kamakoti Seetharamanjaneya Swami Temple in Hyderabad and Sri Maha Vallabha Ganapathi Devasthanam in New York. He is well experienced in performing “Apasthamba Purva Prayoga Karmas” and other rituals. He speaks Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English Languages. He is married to Srivani and blessed with three children.
Pavan Kumar Kristapati  Sri Pavan Kumar Kristapati was born in 1983 in Proddatur, Cuddapa District Andhra Pradesh. He passed Krishna Yajurveda Apasthambhiya Shodasa Karmantam and Sivagama Poorva Bagham from Veda Vignana Peetham, Vedagiri, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams. He passed Sanskrit Examinations: Parichaya, Abhigna and Vichakshan by Samskrita Pracharinee Sabha, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. He later worked as teaching apprentice in Veda Vignana Peetham, T.T.D. 2004- 2006. He is well experienced in performing Sata Rudra Yagam, Sahasra Chandi Yagam and Surya Namaskaram. He can speak Telugu, Sanskrit, English and Tamil.
Ravi Shankar Boggaram Ravisankar Boggaram joined our temple in November 2010. He studied in Tirupati Veda Patashala for 8 years and completed Pancharatra Agama, Krishna Yajurvedam, and Purohitam.he is very well in jyothishya shastram, jataka reading and writing as well predicting. Also well versed in selecting Mahurthams for all accations and religious services.
Murali Krishna Parasaram  Murali Krishna joined our temple February in 2012. He studied in Tirupathi Veda Patasala and completed his education in Pancharatra Agama Sasthram. He is very well versed in all kinds of Vaishnava Pujas and Homams
Sivanaga Kumar Dusi  Shivanaga Kumar Dusi joined HTA in September 2012. He studied in S.V. Veda Patasala, Dharmagiri, Tirumala. He completed RigVeda-Smartha & Yajurveda Purohitam. He worked as priest in Ashtalakshmi Temple, Dilshuk Nagar, Hyderabad and he worked as a guest teachaer teaching RigVeda Smartham S.V. Vedic University in Delhi. He is very experienced in temple pujas and homams
Govardhanam Krishnamacharyulu  Govardhanam Gopala Krishnamacharyulu joined HTA in May 2013. He studied in Tirupathi Veda Patasata and completed Pancharatra Agamam and Smartha Purohitam. He completed Sri Pancharatra Agama Prathishtapanam. He has experience in all the religious pujas and homams. He worded in T.T.D local temples in India.
Sunil Kumar Durgaraju  Sunil Kumar joined HTA in 2013. He completed his education at TTD Veda Patasala in 2001. He also completed Shaiva Agama Pravesavara at TTD Veda Sastra Agama Vidwath Sadas, Tirumala in 2008. He is very experienced in temple pujas, and homams. He also has experience in all kinds of pujas at home.
Vedavyasacharyulu Nallan  Sri Vedavyasacharyulu Chakravartula Nallan joined HTA in 2015. He studied in Srimad Ubhaya Vedanta Aacharya Peetam (JET). He worked in Bhavaranayana Temple in Punur and Narasimha Swami temple in Gurntu. He is well versed priest. He is excellent in performing pujas in the temple as well as at homes