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Sri Andal
Universal Divine Mother. (BHOODEVI).
Goddess of Earth, wanted to enjoy the beauty and splendor of planet Earth

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Sree Vishnu Chiththa Kula Nandhana Kalpa Valleem Sree Ranga Raaja Hari Chandhana Yoga Dhrusyaam Saakshhat Kshammaam Kaarunyaa Kamalaami Vaanyaam Godhaam Ananya Sarana: Saranam Prapadhye.

Bereft of any other refuge in Godha (Andal) who is merciful like Goddess Mahalakshmi, has come in human form of Andal. She is like a wish fulfilling creeper, that makes the family of Vishnuchitta (Periyaalvar) happy. With her inner eye, she always sees and dwells on her Lord, the king and God at Sriranga.

She accordingly manifested Herself as a little girl in the flower garden attached to the temple in Srivilliputtur, a small town in South India. Sri Ranganatha (incarnation of Vishnu) was the deity in this temple. Perialwar, an ardent devotee of Sri Ranganatha was, as usual, collecting flowers in the temple garden, when he noticed this beautiful child in the midst of tulsi plants. When he picked up the little baby, an invisible voice told him to rear the child as his own daughter. Perialwar did as he was instructed.

The child was given the name of Kothai. As she was growing up, she assisted her father in collecting flowers, making garlands and visiting the temple. She was also getting attached to Ranganatha. One day, when she was reaching girlhood, she felt an urge to wear the garland, which was very fragrant, before sending it to the temple. She did likewise and this practice continued for some time.

The temple priest noticed a lock of hair in the garland one day and refused to use it on the Lord. He blamed Perialwar for his carelessness. Perialwar scolded Kothai and made another garland of fresh flowers, though they were not as fragrant as the discarded one. That night the Lord appeared in Perialwar's dream and revealed the true identity of Kothai and that he would wear only those garlands, which were already worn by Kothai. A similar message was conveyed to the priests and others in their dreams. Thus everybody came to know the true identity of Kothai or Andal. She ultimately got married and merged with God.