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Goddess Durga Devi or Para Shakti
One of the significant contributions made by Hinduism in the field of religion, is to worship the Supreme reality as the Universal Divine Mother, Shakti.

  • Navaratri
  • Fridays
  • Tiger

She symbolizes the dynamic form of cosmic energy. Mythology tells that sage Kapila was deeply engrossed in his penance in the Kapilaranya. The 60,000 sons of Sagara were searching for the sacrificial horse of their father. Thinking that the sage had stolen the horse, they pounced upon him and disturbed his penance. Kapila was angered by this unwarranted action and Sagara's sons were consumed by the fire that spurted out of the third eye of Kapila. The Pulkasas, the native tribals of that region, were away when the incident took place. When they returned, they noticed the meadows charred and that the fire was descending into the sea.

The Pulkasas prayed to Fire, the light of lights and requested to protect them. This practice evolved the worship of Shakti in the form of a flame. The object of worship of the Divine Mother is to protect us from the effects of fire, which was the cause of destruction and to give everyone peace and prosperity.