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Sri Padmavathi
Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, has appeared on earth on different aspects on different occasions.

  • Varamalakshmi
  • Deepavali
  • Navaratri
  • Fridays
  • Paayasam and sweets such as Ladu, fruits and milk.
  • Special abishekams and offerings with beads and coins.

Namastesthu Mahaamaaye
Sreepeete Surapujithe
Sankha Chakra Gadhaa
Hasthe Mahaalakshmi Namosthuthe.

Salutations to you, Oh Goddess Lakshmi. You are the divine mother, the seat of all prosperity, and worshipped even by the Gods. You hold the conch, the divine wheel and the mace in your hands.

When Lord Vishnu decided to manifest Himself as Venkateswara in response to the reverential prayers of Sage Narayana, Lakshmi did not like to stay alone in Her abode. She also wanted to manifest on earth and be with the Lord.

Akasaraja was the king of Narayanapuram. When his attendants were tilling the soil to make preparations for a yagna (havan), they noticed a box containing a small baby. When the box was brought to the king, he opened and noticed a baby girl with a lotus in the box. He took the girl and brought her up as his own naming her Padmavathi (child born with a lotus).

Vishnu, in his aspect of Venkateswara was going around the town. He happened to notice Padmavathi, who had become a girl now and asked her to marry him, because he was attracted to her. At first Padmavathi refused. Later when the true identity of Venkateswara was revealed to Padmavathi, she married the Lord, which was the main purpose of her manifestation on earth.