THE HINDU TEMPLE OF ATLANTA, 5851, GA Hwy 85 Riverdale, GA-30274. Ph: 770-907-7102 [TAX ID: EIN 58-1602137]


India is suffering. As it deals with its worst health crisis in living memory, we want to do whatever we can to help, so please join us. You have all seen the distressing images and heard the devastating stories that are making headlines daily. It seems as though every family in India is in pain - losing relatives and friends.

There is a desperate need to support the exhausted health infrastructure, breaking under the pressure of a ferocious second wave of COVID-19. With more than 300,000 recorded cases every day - higher than any other country in its peak - the health system is on the brink of collapse. So we feel the best way to help is to provide the support it needs.

Our goal is to raise whatever we can towards essential lifesaving supplies. Please donate via the website or call the temple at 770 907 7102.

Thank you in advance for your

A man mourns as he sits next to the burning pyre of a relative, who died from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), during his cremation, at a crematorium in New Delhi, India May 5, 2021. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi